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Helping New Families get through a Pandemic

My son, Gabriel, was born in the middle of April 2020. That means it was at the height of the worst global health scare in over a decade. Thanks to the help of some tremendous healthcare workers, we were able to welcome a healthy 7 pound (and some change) baby boy into the world. But the state of the COVID world remained for the rest of the year and every trip out was filled with an anxiousness for a newborn that was still developing his immune system.

So we’ve done our best to limit contact with the outside world which is where Sesami comes in. I’m not going to say that Sesami saved our lives – that’d be a stretch, to say the least. I will say that it’s certainly helped us get through this pandemic. Their online ordering and contactless pickup gives us the peace of mind that we’re going to have great food and stay safe. As new parents, we had no idea how hard the first six months would be despite all of our friends’ warnings. On nights that we either can’t cook or don’t want to, Sesami has been there and their customer service has gone above and beyond in making sure we have everything we need and are happy with our experience.

Somewhere in between the first and second wave of COVID-19, we were able to dine at one of their outdoor tables and loved the community that we saw come in and out of the doors. There were families, couples, and individuals who walked in to pick up their food from all corners of the neighborhoods. As a dog lover, it was one of my favorite dining out experiences meeting all the friendly neighborhood canines.

One of my favorite things about food is its ability to transcend barriers – I’ve always said that food is one of the few universal languages that we can all share and enjoy regardless of our backgrounds. In short, Sesami has brought our family closer together and kept us safe, but it’s also brought the community of Ardmore and the Main Line together through the power of a shared culinary experience. There’s no doubt that’s something we could all use more of in 2021.

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