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IT'S A DATE! Part 1

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

“It’s like love at first sight!” exclaims Philly resident, Anthony, staring mesmerized at one of Sesami’s crunchy dumplings… “Seriously, Anthony?,” sarcastically responds to his longtime girl-friend, Savannah. But soon she agrees, having popped one of the morsels into her own mouth.

The couple met at a Main Line university, just minutes from Sesami, but stuck around the area for their careers


“Sav and I work full time, so we rarely have time to cook. These bowls are a God-send. Honestly, it’s so refreshing to see this kind of cuisine in the neighborhood,” says Anthony.

“When our favorite Vietnamese Pho place closed down due to the Pandemic, we wanted to continue our weekly tradition of experiencing different cultures on dates,” chimes in Savannah.

Although seating inside is not yet available, the duo compromised by hosting their date in the back of their car! There is also seating outside at the front, perfect for socially distanced lunch and dinner. The two finished their date off with some friendly-competition: a tennis match at South Ardmore Park, just around the corner!

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